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Alumni and Kansas Residents

Current membership in the K-State Alumni Association grants alumni borrowing privileges from K-State Libraries. Register at Library Help on the 2nd floor of Hale Library by presenting your membership card. Residents of the state of Kansas who are not members of the K-State Alumni Association can register for a community patron card at the same location by presenting current identification. The community patron card carries a yearly fee of $10 and allows the user to borrow materials from any campus library.


Patron registration and circulation records are exempt from the Open Records Law (K.S.A. 45-221 (23)). All outside inquiries regarding access to patron records will be referred to the Office of the University Attorney. Records will only be released upon receipt of a valid court order or subpoena authorized under federal, state, or local law.

Faculty Proxy Services

K-State faculty members may authorize a currently enrolled student or currently employed K-State staff member to borrow library materials for them. The proxy uses his/her own ID to check out materials and tells the library staff that the materials should be charged under the proxy relationship. The materials are then charged directly to the faculty member’s library account with a note of who checked the material out. The faculty member can view all items charged under the proxy relationship via their My Library Account.

To designate a library proxy, faculty members must submit a letter of authorization (example proxy letter) on departmental stationary. The letter must contain the following information:

  • Proxy’s name and ID number
  • Faculty member’s name and ID number
  • Dates for which the proxy is authorized
  • Expressed statement of responsibility
  • Signature of the faculty member

Letters may be delivered in person to Library Help on the 2nd floor of Hale Library or via campus or US mail to:

                Access Services
                137 Hale Library
                1117Mid-Campus Drive North
                Manhattan, KS 66506

If you have questions regarding this procedure, please call Hale Library Help at (785) 532-3014 or email us at

Overdue or Lost Reserves

Patrons with overdue or lost reserve items will be unable to check out new materials again until their overdue or lost items are returned.

Traveling K-State Faculty

K-State faculty who would like to have on-site access to other libraries while traveling may do so with an OCLC/ARL Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program Card. The card grants access to participating libraries’ collections though privileges vary from institution to institution.

To obtain an OCLC/ARL Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program Card contact Library Help, on the 2nd floor of Hale Library.

Visiting Faculty

K-State Libraries provides borrowing privileges to visiting faculty, researchers, and scholars. “Visiting scholars” or “visiting faculty” are defined as users who are not employed by K-State, but are visiting from other academic institutions for the purpose of short-term instruction, research, and scholarship.

Visiting scholars and faculty may register at Library Help, on the 2nd floor of Hale Library, by presenting one of the following:

  • Current photo identification from their home academic institution or an OCLC/ARL Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program card
  • Letter of introduction from sponsoring K-State faculty or department and current state-issued identification.

This card is used for borrowing K-State Libraries materials only and does not provide access to other library services (such as Interlibrary Loan) or online resources outside of the libraries. Please see a librarian for you more information about interlibrary if needed while visiting. Visiting scholars and faculty must observe K-State Libraries check out procedures.