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Stuart and Rose Pady family papers


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Stuart and Rose Pady family papers, 1921-1998 | Morse Department of Special Collections

By Cynthia A. Harris

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Collection Overview

Title: Stuart and Rose Pady family papers, 1921-1998Add to your cart.

Extent: 3.0 Linear Feet

Arrangement: This collection is arranged into four series by material type: 1) Diaries (arranged chronologically), 1921-1922, 1927-1938, 1941-1944, 1946, 1949-1951, 1957, 1959-1986, 1998, undated; 2) Literary Works, 1933-1974; 3) Subject (arranged alphabetically), 1929-1931, 1933, 1949, 1958-1960, 1968, undated; 4) Oversize, 1927, 1929, 1933.

Date Acquired: 12/09/2011

Subjects: Kansas life and culture

Languages: English

Scope and Contents of the Materials

This collection includes diaries, literary works, documents by subjects, and college diplomas from Stuart and Rose Pady from 1921 to 1998.  There are 66 diaries, 18 from Rose and 48 from Stuart.  The diaries describe Stuart’s youth and early study in Canada, his work at the New York Botanical Gardens, a trip to Canada, Alaska, and the Arctic to trap and study airborne microorganisms, and their travels.  The literary works include Stuart's publications and dissertation.  The subject documents include newspaper clippings, a college Sigma Xi certificate, college notes on mycology, and photographs of lab experiments and the Pady family: Rose and their children, Donald and Helen.  The college diplomas comprise the oversize materials.

Subject/Index Terms

Kansas life and culture

Administrative Information

Repository: Morse Department of Special Collections

Access Restrictions: No access restriction: All materials are open for research.

Use Restrictions: The researcher assumes full responsiblity for observing all copyright, property, and libel laws as they apply.

Physical Access Note: Original materials available during open hours of repository and any digitized materials that are online are available with Internet access.

Acquisition Source: Donald S. Pady

Acquisition Method: Donation.

Appraisal Information: Acquired because it documents some of the research and creative efforts of a faculty member.

Preferred Citation: [Item title], [item date], Pady family papers, Box [number], Folder [number or title], Morse Department of Special Collections, Kansas State University Libraries.

Processing Information: Cynthia A. Harris, Library Assistant III, processed the collection and university archivist Cliff Hight reviewed it in August 2013.

Box and Folder Listing

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[Series 1: Diaries, 1921-1998],
[Series 2: Literary Works, 1933-1974],
[Series 3: Subject Files, 1929-1933; 1949; 1960; 1968; Undated],
[Series 4: Oversize, 1927, 1929, 1933],

Series 1: Diaries, 1921-1998Add to your cart.
Box 1Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Diary, Stuart Pady, 1921-1924Add to your cart.
Diary of a school boy's daily activities: school, library, work, chores, choir practice, church, sports, illness, and church.
Folder 2: Diary, Stuart Pady, 1922Add to your cart.
The first pages of this diary include printed information about Canada: holidays, temperatures, religious adherence by principal cities in 1911, population of Canada, and population by nationalities.  Middle pages contain maps of the world.  Pady wrote about school activities, choir practice, church, work, dating, weather, school plays, ice skating, and sports.
Folder 3: Diary, Stuart Pady, 1927-1928Add to your cart.
A Handbook for McMaster University Students.  First pages contain the university calendar, athletic association information, student body, debating union, glee club, volunteer band, modern literature club, history of the university, the McMaster Hymn, the McMaster Song, the MAC Yell, songs, and advertisements.  Pady's entries are about college activities such as purchasing books, night school, lectures, and class party.
Folder 4: Diary, Stuart Pady, 1929Add to your cart.
Topics within the diary are weather, college, college activities, working in college laboratories, college exams, playing tennis, and car troubles.
Folder 5: Diary, Stuart Pady, 1930-1932Add to your cart.

1930 Diary: Topics include weather, church, where he ate lunch, working, sleeping late, classes, going to the dentist, car trouble, plant pathology, haircuts, being lonely, picnics, playing Santa Claus, and a train trip.

1931 Diary: Topics include weather, church, Sunday School, college, lunch, work, new car, swimming, listening to the radio, reading, going to the library, church choir, and going to the "29."  On September 19, Stuart Pady married Rose Annie Maw at Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  The last pages are account pages.

1932 Diary: Topics include weather, hiking in Sherwood Park, church, Sunday School, research in class laboratories, Rose, reading, preparing lectures, lunch at the faculty table, people he had lunch with, who he had dinner with, birthdays, sleeping late, and class work.

Folder 6: Diary, Stuart Pady, 1933-1935Add to your cart.

1933 Diary: Topics include weather, church, teaching Sunday School class, college classes, sleeping late, going to town, going for walks, shopping, problems with sand flies, camping, fishing, listening to the radio, preparing for oral part of dissertation, receiving a National Research Council Fellowship award to work at the New York Botanical Gardens, and Rose being ill much of the time.

1934 Diary: Topics include weather, putting wedding photos into photo albums, working at the Botanical Gardens, going to Yonkers, attending different churches, going to Columbia University, shopping, visiting Radio City, shopping for Rose's birthday present, listening to the radio, walking in Times Square, Rose not feeling well, going to Brooklyn and walking over the Brooklyn Bridge to Manhattan, doing lab experiments, taking a weekend trip to Montreal, dealing with a bad rash on his hands that turned out to be poison ivy and spread to his body and blisters developed, going to see Dr. Hopkins for poison ivy treatment, and going to an Easter Parade.  Additionally, Rose went to see Dr. Findley and found that she needed a minor surgery.  Other activities included camping, attending ball games, walking through the park, Rose going to the dentist, visiting the zoo, visiting Coney Island, renewing lease on apartment, receiving out-of-town visitors, getting a letter from U.S. Immigration stating he can stay in the country until 19 August 1935, receiving a driver's license, buying a 1930 Ford Coach car, visiting Wall Street and Staten Island, swimming in salt water, vacationing in Canada to see parents and other family and friends, camping in the Adirondacks, seeing Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, recording impressions of New York, and documenting car oil changes.

1935 Diary: This diary has loose pages, a postcard, and household expense accounts.  Topics include the Lindbergh/Richard Hauptmann trial, going to hockey games, ice skating, weather, Rose's birthday, experiments with spores, playing rummy, going to church, listening to Jack Benny on the radio, his mother visiting and taking her to Radio City and the NBC studios, attending a family reunion in Canada, the end of his National Research Council Fellowship, selling their furniture and leaving New York, entering a hospital in Canada for problems with left ankle and knee, assassination of Senator Huey Long, preparing for and teaching classes at McMaster University, playing volleyball, attending ballgames, playing in the snow, and attending church.

Folder 7: Diary, Stuart Pady, 1936-1937Add to your cart.

1936 Diary: Topics include going to church, youth rallies, preparing for lectures, faculty meetings, food, preparing for labs, Men's Club, weather, grading exams, receiving a job offer at Ottawa (Kansas), Rose having a tonsillectomy, purchasing a black DeLuxe that had many problems, arriving at Ottawa, and attending the Ex-King Edward lecture at the university.  Also included are his February and March cash accounts.

1937 Diary: This diary has blank pages until September 21 then it contains information about the child they adopted (Donald), what he weighed, and what he ate.

Folder 8: Diary, Stuart Pady, 1937-1938Add to your cart.

1937 Diary: Preparing for lectures, going to church, Rose’s headaches, guests for dinner, playing Monopoly, working in the lab, faculty meetings, weather, grading papers, staying at Gillette Hotel in Manhattan (Kansas) while visiting to talk to the Kansas Academy, thought the Kaw valley was pretty, embalming cats experiment – cats not keeping, dissecting cats, all school picnic, social gatherings, September 4 arrival at Ottawa (Kansas), baby Donald, zoology and biology classes, botany lecture, socializing, dinner at others’ homes, listening to Charlie McCarthy on the radio, rabbit hunting, playing volleyball, Rose ill with swollen knee and sore finger, rabbit dinner, Rose in a choir, problems with car, Kansas City trip on September 18 to see baby boy (Donald) born August 17, trip to court in Kansas City on September 21 to sign adoption papers and take Donald home to Ottawa, and taking care of Donald.  At the back of this diary are a number of printed pieces of information unrelated to the Padys’ lives.

1938 Diary: Teaching class and labs, going to church, feeding Donald, playing volleyball, grading papers, paying bills, attending Ottawa University sports events, entertaining friends at dinner, conducting experiments, weather, March 14 noticed that Donald was cutting two teeth, attending faculty meetings, preparing tests, going to the library, March 20 reported that Donald was chattering in church, attending college social gatherings, attended conference at Pittsburg State (Kansas), visited Big Brutus shovel and saw coal mines, taking Donald for walks, attending Ottawa University track meets, taking pictures of Donald, reported on April 8 that they awoke to eight or more inches of snow on the ground after a spring blizzard, bought new car (Grey Standard DeLuxe Coach with trunk), university commencement, flooding, Howard Hughes radio broadcast from his airplane over the Atlantic, and July 16 was his last entry.  Rose started writing in diary on September 21 and changed date to September 20, 1939.  She wrote of attending meeting, ironing, singing, all school picnic, and attending church.  The last entry was on October 22/23.

Box 2Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Diary, Stuart Pady, 1942, 1946, 1949Add to your cart.

1942 Diary - Topics include traveling throughout Kansas, places stopped along Highway 36, and experiments.  World maps are included in the back of the book.

1946 Diary - Information on experiments, accounts listed, and some addresses.

1949 Diary - Topics include church, work experiments, grading papers, weather, kids skating, listening to radio, making popcorn for kids, taking Donald to hockey game, taking Helen to work with him, playing volleyball, taking trip to Alaska, Arctic, and North Pole on March 17-April 2, visiting Eskimo village, planting and watering garden, and camping. Donald in Boy Scouts, Helen in Brownie Girl Scouts, August 8 Helen’s birthday, children going trick-or-treating, taking Helen to see Santa Claus, Christmas shopping, wrapping presents and filling stockings, and letting the kids stay up late on New Year’s Eve.

Folder 2: Diary, Stuart Pady, 1949Add to your cart.

March 7-9: Notes on third western trip across Canada to Whitehorse to trap airborne microorganisms, via RCAF North Star.  The trip had two purposes (1) to test out an apparatus modified to permit parallel sampling of his methods and (2) to see if there were any organisms in the winter air, and if so how many.

March 17-April 2: Notes on the Fifth Aerobiological Expedition to points north and west, but mostly north, via RCAF and various other aircraft.

July 18-30: Eastern Arctic trip.

Folder 3: Diary, Stuart Pady, 1950-1951Add to your cart.

1950 Dairy - Attending conferences, weather, grading papers, preparing lectures and labs, church, ice skating, listening to radio, writing letters, playing ping pong, taking Helen to catch the school bus, houseguests, voting, lunch at faculty club, school board meeting, Scout meetings, Rose’s birthday cake, taking walks, sports, going to movies, Rose attending choir practice, holidays, going to the dentist, moving to a different house, writing lab manual, working on and applying for grants, giving the cat a bath, fishing, Helen’s birthday, yard work, canning peaches, roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, swimming, train strike.  July 19-August 16: Arctic trip with notes each day, home on August 17.  August 23 street car accident, picking blueberries, September 10-15 conference at Ohio University, November 4 Rose’s father died,  November 6 Rose’s father’s funeral, Rose stayed with mother while Stuart went home to kids, November 10 Rose returned home, Christmas.

1951 Lachine Diary - Helen to the dentist, church, preparing class lectures, working in the lab, grading papers, weather, shopping, lunch at Faculty Club, elected President of Couples Club, Scouts, Rose, Helen, and Donald got the flu in February, snowball fight, holidays, Rose to choir practice, March 8 Donald sick again, working around the house, working in the greenhouse at work, donating blood, trips to museum, summer vacation, blueberry picking, swimming, camping, fishing, mention’s Don’s birthday.

1951 ENG. Diary - August 22-25, London trip; some church service notes for 1953 and 1954.

Folder 4: Diary, Stuart Pady, 1960Add to your cart.
1960 Diary - Topics include church, visiting England, weather, shopping, and hotels.  Also used as an address book.
Folder 5: Diary, Stuart Pady, 1964-1966Add to your cart.

1964  Diary - Helen an affiliate student nurse at Larned State Hospital, Donald in Arizona,  picnicking along Tuttle Creek Lake, visiting KU Med Center on March 2 and Stuart starting to walk on crutches on March 3, church, attending conferences, faculty lunches, department pot luck, church dinners, trip to Toronto, hail storm, Donald in the hospital, campout at Stockdale, band day, going to the dentist, attending banquets, sports, open house, and Christmas vacation.

1965 Diary - Has addresses in back of book, Donald in Arizona,  Stuart in hospital from December 21-January 27 and back on crutches, meetings, sports, church meetings, planning retreat, banquets, church, taxes, trip to Mexico City, botany picnic at Rock Springs, botany campout, exams, graduation, field days, Rose had accident on July 15, taking care of the car, camera, Rose went to see Dr. George Bascom, weather, dinner at John and Carol Chalmers, trip to Florida, and shell hunting in the Everglades.

1966 Diary - Bought small transistor radio for Rose’s birthday, notes of church sermons and activities, trips to Kansas Agricultural Experiment Stations, sports, meetings, dinners, classes, Spring Break, weather, trip to England (July 29-September 3), and Christmas shopping.

Folder 6: Diary, Stuart Pady, 1967-1969Add to your cart.

1967 Diary - Topics include church, sports, exams, department budget, Pollution Symposium, Science Fair, department meetings, weather, camping, and attending dinners.

1968 Diary - Topics include list of photos on film, church, dinners, DNA, lesson planning, sports, vacation, symposia, meetings, shopping, banquets, watching movies, university open house, pancake feed, addresses, and telephone numbers.

1969 Diary - Topics include church, weather, list of plants, notes on experiments, list of photos on film, shopping, filling out paperwork for visas for India, attending seminars, trip to India via Australia and Thailand, and addresses.

Folder 7: Diary, Stuart Pady, 1971-1973Add to your cart.

1971 Diary - a dried plant included (possibly lavender), list of photos, talked to a WWI veteran, experiment notes, faculty meetings, sports, exams, banquets, church, dinners, picnics, campouts, mention some people on Kansas State University campus, training sessions, and notes about Africa.

1972 Diary - list of photos, notes on AARP, notes about Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance, church, exams, sports, seminars, Helen in the hospital, shopping, trip to Alaska, attending conferences, addresses, and telephone numbers.

1973 Diary - cash account, solving conflicts, church, meetings, sports, classes, lectures, labs, luncheons, exams, retired in June, Donald home for visits, addresses, and telephone numbers.

Folder 8: Diary, Stuart Pady, 1974-1976Add to your cart.

1974 Diary - cash accounts for insurance and Social Security, quotes from the Bible, lists of photos, sports, weather, shopping list, church activities, addresses, and telephone numbers.

1975 Diary - cash accounts, quotes, church meetings and activities, addresses, telephone numbers, Florida and Caribbean trip, banquets, hunting, attending weddings, camping at Tuttle Creek and other places, attending conferences, weather, Helen’s birthday, Carol’s (Donald’s wife) birthday, sports, and visit from Helen and her husband Ron.

1976 Diary - cash accounts, quotes, religious notes, addresses, telephone numbers, list of photos on film rolls, church, appointments, sports, grandkids visiting during Spring Break, shopping lists, trip to Smoky Mountains, conferences, and taking high blood pressure medication.

Folder 9: Diary, Stuart Pady, 1977-1979Add to your cart.

1977 Diary - cash accounts, quotes, addresses, telephone numbers, church, Kansas City trip, weather, and visiting with children and grandchildren.

1978 Diary - church, trip to Liberal, addresses, telephone numbers, trip to Memphis (Tennessee), banquets, craft fairs, shopping lists, weather, putting up the Christmas tree, and decorating for the holidays.

1979 Diary - cash accounts, addresses, telephone numbers, quotes, church, shopping, weather, and the church picnic.

Box 3Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Diary, Stuart Pady, 1980-1982Add to your cart.

1980 Diary - cash accounts, list of birthdays, quotes, notes on causes of cancer, skating party, weather, addresses, and telephone numbers.

1981 Diary - list of birthdays, quotes, Rose with hearing aids, addresses, telephone numbers, weather, Rose in hospital and had operation in February, church, and list of photos for framing.

1982 Diary - list of birthdays, church, notes on what influences children, weather, canoeing, shopping, trip to Indiana, addresses, and telephone numbers.

Folder 2: Diary, Stuart Pady, 1983-1986Add to your cart.

1983 Diary - church, weather, cash accounts, Rose in the hospital in July, trip to Texas, trip to Iowa to visit Donald, addresses, and telephone numbers.

1984 Diary - list of birthdays, quotes, prices of picture frames, attending church, addresses, telephone numbers, trip to Colorado Springs, residents parties, and notes on books.

1985 Diary - has 1986 on front and inside is dated 1994-1997; attending church, notes from church program, addresses, telephone numbers, notes on Meadowlark Hills Retirement Community, move to Manhattan, weather, gives great detail on Rose’s health issues between 1994 and her death on June 30, 1997.

Folder 3: Diary, Stuart Pady, 1986, 1998, UndatedAdd to your cart.

1986 Diary - church, resident party, list of photos on film, trip to see Donald in Ames (Iowa), church picnic, weather, Kansas State University Choir, addresses, and telephone numbers.

1998 Diary - shopping list, Manhattan doctors and dentists, health issues, birth and death dates of twins Florence and Kathryn McKinley, names and addresses, scripture quotes, Billy Graham, Jimmy Carter, John Glenn, and Church/Vespers.

Undated Diary - Consists of a list of quotes.

Folder 4: Diary, Rose Pady, 1933-1934Add to your cart.

1933 Diary - Begins on August 28 (some pages have very faded ink) and includes taking the train from Toronto (Canada) to New York City, looking for and settling in an apartment, shopping, church, weather, sore throat, household chores, going to the library, and picnic lunch with Stuart at Bronx Park.  Neighbor Mrs. Watson invited Rose for a drive to Riverside Drive to George Washington Bridge to New Jersey and to Interstate Park, bought a radio, met Mr. and Mrs. Euler from Kansas, writing letters to family members, to Madison Square Gardens to see Electrical Exposition, picnic in the living room, visits to museums and other sights, trip to Kent Falls State Park in the Berkshire Hills in Connecticut, Stuart at Rockerfeller Medical Center to see Dr. Emmands, described New York Curb Exchange, described Irving Trust Company, described Old Trinity Church, went to Tiffany’s,  typed Stuart’s thesis, sewing, trip to Good Housekeeping Institute, moved from one apartment to another, went to Ford’s Exposition of Progress to see  the old cars, writing out Christmas cards, and went to Boston with Stuart to a conference/banquet.

1934 Diary - Includes a Chinese dinner on New's Years Day,  American Museum of Art, sports, church, studying German, household chores, Museum of Natural History, Harlem, Waldorf Astoria, Statute of Liberty, operation in April, dentist, shopping, camping trips, National Broadcasting Company studios, Washington DC, jokes, Ox Group, quotes, notes on religion, titles of books, trivia, small photograph of a woman, and newspaper clipping.

Folder 5: Diary, Rose Pady, 1941Add to your cart.
1941 Diary - Includes a May 23 letter to Stuart from C. W. Emmons, basic information preprinted in diary, insurance information, addresses, summer trip (driving and camping west to Pacific coast and then east through United States and Canada to Appalachian Mountains), weather, looking for tree disease called witch's broom; while in California went to a USO show near Hollywood Blvd. where they saw Eddie Arnold, Loretta Young, Bette Davis, Tyrone Powers, Robert Taylor, Barbara Stanwyck, Cary Grant, Irene Dunn, Ros Russel, Gene Autry, Judy Garland and Leo Carillo; went to San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf,  Stuart had poison ivy and was miserable, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone National Park, Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, Badlands, Smithsonian Institute, gas shortage, Smoky Mountains, list of all the national parks and national forests they visited, list of photographs taken, list of some trees seen on trip, miles they traveled, list of places they bought gas, and list of items they purchased and the price.
Folder 6: Diary, Rose Pady, 1942Add to your cart.
1942 Diary - Record of summer trip, newspaper clippings, Christmas cards, and a church bulletin.
Folder 7: Diary, Rose Pady, 1942Add to your cart.
Newspaper clippings that were included in the diary.
Folder 8: Diary, Rose Pady, 1942Add to your cart.
Christmas cards, St. Clair Avenue United Church bulletin, June 14, 1931, list of booklets and leaflets by McCall’s Magazine, church and religious notes from diary.
Box 4Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Diary, Rose Pady, 1943-1944Add to your cart.
Part of Stuart’s time as a federal pathologist was spent in the lower Rio Grande Valley working on vegetable and citrus fruit disease.  Left Manhattan on December 7, wrote about war shortages, visited Mexico, list of vegetables planted, D.D.T. and how General Fox used it on the entire population of Naples to delouse the people and got rid of typhus, clinical trials to find a cure for tuberculosis and leprosy, penicillin.
Folder 2: Diary, Rose Pady, 1957Add to your cart.
Donald to Fort Leonard Wood (Missouri) for military training. Summer vacation, Helen driving, Tetons, Colorado River, Cascade Rock Gardens, Sundance Canyon, Mt. Eisenhower, Lake Louise, Little Beehive Mountain, Kicking Horse Pass, hiking in Glacier Park, Sacramento, Redwood State Park, Salt Lake City, and return home.
Folder 3: Diary, Rose Pady, 1959Add to your cart.
Summer trip, Rocky Mountain National Park, grocery list, some pages written in shorthand, church, gifts for Helen, Don, and Carol, his wife.
Folder 4: Diary, Rose Pady, 1960Add to your cart.
Stuart and Rose took summer trip to Europe, Helen's high school graduation and summer visit to Donald and Carol in Iowa City (Iowa) with their infant Patty, sailed on the Queen Elizabeth to Europe, visited London sites including Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, St. James Palace, St. James Park, St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Tower of London, Windsor Castle, and Hatfield House; Rose did genealogy at Somerset House, visited with her relatives in Hull; traveled to Scotland, Switzerland, and France before returning to England for Stuart to work at Herpenden.  Rose did more genealogy at St. John's College and included words from a memorial plaque to Sir William Pady, first choir master there in 1555 and an ancestor.  The diary includes recipes and British words and their meanings.  They also visited Wales before returning to the United States.  From New York they drove to Iowa City and then returned home to Manhattan.
Folder 5: Diary, Rose Pady, 1960Add to your cart.
Hotel receipts from European vacation, admission to the British Museum reading room, ticket stubs for tours, train tickets, images from magazine, hotel cards, theatre tickets.
Folder 6: Diary, Rose Pady, 1961-1962Add to your cart.

1961 - Cliff and Evelyn Pady visited Kansas and went with Stuart and Rose on vacation to Colorado and back to Kansas.  Cliff and Evelyn continued their United States vacation through Missouri, Illinois, and Wisconsin before returning to Canada.

1962 - Stuart and Rose took their usual summer camping trip vacation.  This year they camped at national parks in Illinois, Michigan, Wyoming, Idaho, Washington, Oregon, and Utah.  They also visited family in Toronto.

Folder 7: Diary, Rose Pady, 1963Add to your cart.
1963 - Summer vacation camping trip at national parks in Arizona, Utah, Nevada, and Colorado.  Donald and his daughter, Patty, visited Stuart and Rose in Arizona.  The Padys paid $0.40-$0.41 per gallon of gasoline and $0.33 for two pork chops.  There is a list of American Indian tribes in the diary.  Rose mentions the car has air conditioning.
Folder 8: Diary, Rose Pady, 1964-1965; 1967-1968Add to your cart.

All dates in one book.  Vacation trips.

1964 Mexico City trip was a graduation gift for Helen, and Stuart always wanted to go there.

In April 1964, the Padys went to Arizona for a few days.

August 30, 1965, Rose broke her wrist.  They went camping in Estes Park (Colorado) with Donald, Carol, and their two children, Peter and Patty.  In September, the Padys vacationed in Miami (Florida) and Stuart gave a presentation on October 4.

1967 - Wyoming trip in July while looking for pioneer camping places, historical markers, and Independence Rock.  The diary mentions a 1963 car accident in western Kansas when Stuart and Rose had leg injuries.

Folder 9: Diary, Rose Pady, 1966Add to your cart.
1966 - Padys vacationed in Europe.  Stuart was invited to give a paper on aerobiology at the Second International Palynology Conference at the University of Utrecht (Netherlands) in August.  In July, they went to Canada to visit family before traveling to England to visit some of Rose's relatives.  The Padys traveled to Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, and the Netherlands.  In the back of the diary Rose drew their travel route, listed some foods they ate, and kept track of the weather.
Box 5Add to your cart.
Folder 1: Diary, Rose Pady, 1967-1968; 1970-1971Add to your cart.

1967 - Padys vacationed in south Texas.

1968 - In April the Padys vacationed in Hawaii at Waikiki, Hilo, Maui, and Honolulu.  While there, they were saddened to learn of the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Their summer vacation camping trip included Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons in Wyoming.

1970 - Their summer vacation camping trip included national parks in Colorado and Wyoming.

1971 - Stuart was invited to present at the First International Mycology Congress in Exeter, England.  Prior to leaving for England, grandchildren Patty and Peter visited for a couple of weeks.  When they took the children home to Ames, Iowa, they spent a few hours with Donald and Carol before heading to Toronto and leaving for England.

Folder 2: Diary, Rose Pady, 1969-1970Add to your cart.

Rose called this diary their "Trip Around the World".  They began in Honolulu (visited Pearl Harbor, the USS Arizona Memorial, and the Valley of the Temples), then went to Tahiti (saw the Memorial to Captain Cook), followed by New Zealand (visited Auckland, Christ Church, and Mount Cook National Park) and then Sydney and Adelaide, Australia.  Stuart had a six-month sabbatical at Waite Agricultural Institue, University of Adelaide, South Australia.  There is a list of food prices.  Other things Rose mentions are visiting Victoria Harbor, astronauts landing on the moon, the first day of Spring in Austrailia, the gas strike, Wilpena Pound in the outback, and the Royal Flying Doctor Service.  The Padys further toured Normanville, Tasmania, Melbourne, Canberra, and Mount Gambier.

In December the Padys traveled to Hong Kong, and then they went to New Delhi, India, where Stuart worked for USAID for a couple of months.

1970 - They traveled to Israel in March before returning home.

Rose kept a cash account list of their trip in the diary.

Folder 3: Diary, Rose Pady, 1971-1972; 1974Add to your cart.

1971 - Summer vacation in Edmonton, Alberta, where Stuart presented a paper at the University of Alberta on his aerobiological research.

1972 - The Padys camped in Colorado and Wyoming, visited friends in Washington, and then boarded the Malaspina to Ketchikan and Juneau, Alaska.  They spent a number of days traveling throughout Alaska before flying from Anchorage to Seattle, Washingon.  After visiting with friends in Seattle, they visited friends in Idaho.  Then they camped in Wyoming for a few days before returning home.  There is a grocery list for their camping days and a cash account of their whole trip.

1974 - There was a gas shortage so they canceled their trip to Florida, Jamaica, and Haiti.  Once the shortage eased, they traveled to Arizona, camping at different national parks and visiting friends.

Folder 4: Diary, Rose Pady, 1975; 1978Add to your cart.

1975 - The Padys traveled to Florida, the Caribbean, and Haiti.  They drove to Florida and visited friends along the way.  They flew from Miami to St. Thomas, and also visited St. John and Haiti before returning to Florida.  Their travels in Florida included Disney World and many other sites.  They returned home, visiting and staying with friends along the way.  At the back of the diary is a cash account of items purchased during these travels.

1978 - During the summer the Padys volunteered at American Baptist Assembly, Green Lake, Wisconsin.  In September they went to Toronto, Canada, to house-sit.  Rose struggled with depression for part of the year.

Folder 5: Pady Address Book, UndatedAdd to your cart.
List of addresses of family members and friends.  This book can be used to put last names with many people mentioned in the diaries.

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