The Academic Services Department is primarily a research assistance department with librarians with specialized knowledge in their research fields. Many of the librarians in this department formerly worked in the departments known as faculty and graduate services and undergraduate and community services. The services are divided into three separate disciplines for ease of access: humanities and fine arts; social sciences/education/business; and STEM.

K-State 2025 

K-State Libraries’ Strategic Plan supports K-State's 2025 initiative for K-State to be recognized nationally as a Top 50 public research university.  Key activities of this department includes

  • K-State Libraries will increase visibility and understanding of staff, roles, services, collections, and programs of the Libraries to promote the added value that libraries and librarians bring to engagement.

  • K-State Libraries will collaborate with Kansas State University faculty and graduate students to integrate research-related skills into undergraduate curricula.

  • K-State Libraries will support the university’s programmatic undergraduate research and domestic service learning initiatives through means such as ongoing mentoring, customized group instruction in research skills, or direct participation in projects.

  • As a leading member of the New Literacies Alliance, K-State Libraries will develop online, adaptive modules to help students gain information literacy and digital literacy competencies.

  • Learn more about the Libraries’ 2025 Action Plan (pdf)